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ICL Cup: A 2-month Experience in China

This summer, for the fourth year in a row, Swiss students and apprentices will have the chance to experience an all-expenses-paid professional and cultural immersion in Shanghai. This is the opportunity offered by the ICL Cup thanks to the support of companies and organizations willing to encourage the leaders of tomorrow to acquire an international vision, in an ever more globalized economy where China is becoming a major player.





Improve their skills and expand their horizons


In addition to improving their technical knowledge, the purpose of the experience is to get young people, from different cantons and with various formations, out of their comfort zone by immersing them in a new environment with different ways of thinking and working.



In both business and everyday life, participants improve soft skills such as adaptability, empathy or the ability to communicate with people from different backgrounds. They also learn the basics of Mandarin, in class or during weekly cultural activities organized during their stay.


Promote good relations between China and Switzerland


Students and apprentices are ambassadors of the Swiss "dual" education system during their stay, in a country seeking to reform its own. Besides, the ICL Cup provides them with the necessary empathy and some knowledge of the culture for fruitful exchanges with China and its promising market during their future career.



The organizing team is looking for new partners to offer this opportunity to more and more Swiss students and apprentices. Institutions have the opportunity either to support young people in their canton or reward their own apprentices.


The ICL Cup takes place every summer and organizations wishing to take part can contact Bastien Dumont.



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